A monthly ceramic course

A monthly ceramic course

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A monthly 12h course for beginners

In this course, I will teach how to build a small-scale decorative objects from scratch without using any machinery or molds.

We can work on several objects, like a mug, planter, or vase, and of course, a sculpture.
We will start from the design and stylization and learn where and how to look for inspiration; you will see how the random animal can be turned into a creature full of character that can tell a whole story of its own.  
We will create a fantastic toad, forever young axolotl, a wise toad, an elephant, or whenever you have in mind.

There are 3 lessons per 4 hours each in a ceramic course for beginners, we meet on Saturdays from 12 to 16:00, three weeks in a row. 

 A monthly 12h course for advanced students 

In this course we will create a standing sculpture, that requires a but more of skills and your attention.

It is ideal course for people with previous experience it those who already attended a course for beginners.

We are going to create an animal character and sculpt it in clay, using hand-building techniques, following the process of sketching and modeling, making test tiles, practicing how to shape the details, and painting with glazes and underglazes.

I work simultaneously with you, showing the whole process from scratch in a performative form.

There are 3 lessons per 4 hours each in an advanced ceramic course, we meet on Saturday and Sunday 2 days in a row from 12:00 to 16:00 for a sculpting session and after 2 or 3 weeks break - for a Sunday painting session, also from 12:00 to 16:00.

A private 12h course 

The private course has almost the same program as a group course but suits more advanced students who want to dive deeper into ceramics and make a standing sculpture or a teapot.
You will have even more of my attention and a tailored schedule that is comfortable for you - it can be 4 days per 3 hours in a row or 2 days per 6 hours.

The program is totally up to you; I teach in a performative form, working simultaneously by your side, so you can follow me step-by-step but sculpt your unique piece.
Also, I show a few extra techniques; we decorate with underglazes, glazes, and luster; we will try sgraffito and paint with slips and stains. With such diverse skills in your toolbox, you can create an intricate and more complex character in clay. 
Also, I'll explain some general knowledge of ceramic technology: how to mix glazes, engobes, and slips, and how to program the kiln so you can set up your studio when the time comes. The themes are up to you; not necessary to work in "my style" I will happily support any individual project and help you develop your unique voice. 

The schedule is flexible and discussed individually with each student, the price starts from 750€ for 2 or 3 days of the intensive course.

Private lessons and consultations are possible too; write me at nastia@calaca.me.