Fox and Wolf
Fox and Wolf
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Fox and Wolf

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A wonderful pair of fox and wolf. In real life they are enemies. But not here, not in my imagination. In my imagination they never leave each other.

Please, pay attention, that every item will be made from scratch, it means that your sculpture is truly unique and it may and will differ from the one you see on the photo.

• Approximate measuring: 18 cm x 15 cm.
• Material: clay, glazes, underglazes.

If still in doubt about what you would like me to make for you, here are some hints to warm up and stretch your dreaming creativity:
• Pick up a color tone: check out available colors, patterns and sizes (link to available options)
• What type of animal is your next pot, teapot or sculpture? What mood is it sharing? Is it shy and melancholic? Expressive and strong, like a lion? Aggressively happy and monkeying around, like, em… a monkey?
• Make the wonderful moments in your life inspire an idea of your next custom gardening item or home decor! Dig up a memory of a place or a thing that makes you feel good, tell us about it, and we’ll make a stoneware impression for you.
Create your own masterpiece! Simply describe how you imagine your most wanted item and we’ll pick it from there and make a sketch for you.

• Production takes between 6 and 8 weeks. After that period of time, we are usually ready to ship.

• International shipping from the Netherlands.
• Estimated delivery time is 5-10 days.